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Four-car-trains return to Cambrian Railway Line

Press Release: Network Rail

Four-car-trains return to Cambrian Railway Line for first time in six years thanks to collaborative efforts of ‘Local Railways Partnership’

Four car train on the Cambrian railway line

Local passengers and tourists will benefit from enhanced comfort, capacity and connectivity, on peak services on the scenic Welsh coast line, over the summer holidays, as well as the launch of a brand-new window seat audio guide.

The revival of four-car trains on the Cambrian Railway Line represents a significant milestone in the Local Railways Partnership by local teams at Network Rail and Transport for Wales to enhance rail journeys for passengers on the Cambrian Line – with support from The Cambrian Railway Partnership.

Four-car-carriages will return on the popular and picturesque line between Machynlleth and Pwllheli on the two busiest services each day throughout the summer*.

Not only will this service make journeys better for passengers and train crew alike, but it will also contribute to the local economy, boosting trade, tourism and revenue from ticket sales.

The longer trains will also allow for onboard catering for the first time in a decade.

A number of collaborative changes that were needed have taken place in recent months to make this possible, including:

  • Platform improvement and lengthening work at Barmouth station as well as installing tactile paving

  • Installation of 22 four-car-train markers across the Cambrian Line - these markers inform the drivers where to stop to ensure train doors are in the correct place on shorter platforms

  • Redistribution of trains and staff and revised methods of working for drivers and conductors

  • Site visits with the level crossing team

  • Full engagement of trade union partners

  • Updated fleet maintenance plans

In addition to these benefits, The Cambrian Railway Partnership has launched a bilingual Cambrian Line Window Seater audio guide so passengers can discover what landmark they’ve passed or learn more about the geography, history and culture of the area. Passengers can download the guide from the Window Seater App on most app stores.

Gwyn Rees, performance and transformation director at Network Rail Wales & Borders, said: “I’m proud of the collaboration, thanks to our Local Railways Partnership, as we operate a four-car-train service on the Cambrian Line for the first time in many years.

“This has doubled capacity on the busiest service during the school holidays and will make journeys for passengers and train crew much more comfortable and enjoyable.

“We are determined to continue to work with our industry partners to provide a railway service that our passengers and customers expect and deserve.”

Jan Chaudhry-Van der Velde, chief operations officer for Transport for Wales, commented: “The restoration of four-car-trains on the Cambrian Coast is one of the achievements of our “Local Railways Partnership” on the route, where the local Network Rail and TfW teams, with support from industry partners, are working together on service delivery initiatives specifically for this line.

“With a number of short platforms, some with level crossings next to them, the teams have worked collaboratively to make sure longer trains can safely call at these stations along what is a beautifully scenic route.”

Claire Williams, partnership development officer for the Cambrian Railway Partnership, added: “It is brilliant to see this boost in capacity and comfort for our passengers and the local community.

“We appreciate the commitment and hard work made by Network Rail and Transport for Wales in developing the line to re-introduce four carriage services.

“Passengers can further enjoy their journey with the launch of our first-ever bilingual Cambrian Line Window Seater audio guide, discovering the stories behind the view from their train seat.”

*The four-car-train runs from Monday to Friday as a once per day as the peak holiday 10:55 Machynlleth to Pwllheli and 15:37 return service.

Although the longer train service will be running throughout the summer, it is dependent on sufficient trains being available across the network. While both companies see the huge benefits of running four-car-trains on the Cambrian Line, it will not come at the expense of running other essential services.



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