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Launch of the Cambrian Line Window Seater Audio Guide

Discover the story behind the view from your train seat with first-ever bilingual Cambrian Railway Partnership Audio Guide.

Passenger looking out of the train window while listening to the Cambrian Line  Window Seater Audio Guide

The Cambrian Line is one of the most attractive train journeys, with spectacular views making it a pleasure to watch the scenery outside the window go by.

Whilst on your train journey, have you ever wondered what the landmark you’re passing is, or would you like to learn more about the geography, history and culture of the area you are travelling through?

Passengers on the Cambrian Line can now connect to the world outside the train window as they travel on one of Wales’ most scenic railway lines with the launch of the first-ever bilingual Window Seater Audio Guide.

Cambrian Railway Partnership (CRP) has partnered with Window Seater to bring passengers geolocated, localised, bilingual, audio stories as they travel along the route from Shrewsbury to Aberystwyth and along the coast to Pwllheli.

The Window Seater app connects rail travellers to the world outside their window, free of charge, with place-based audio guides that draw on stories from communities along the line.

The view from the train on the Cambrian Coast Line  overlooking the Mawddach Estuary and Barmouth.

Claire Williams, Cambrian Railway Partnership Development Officer, said:

“We hope passengers agree that use of the guide will enhance their train journey in a fun and engaging way, making for a more satisfied and sentimental experience. The guide will be available to listen to in English and Welsh and aims to promote our region’s culture and identity.”

The project has been funded by the Community Rail Development Fund, Transport for Wales Challenge Fund and the Cambrian Railway Partnership.

Marcus Allender, Window Seater Business Development Director, said:

"The Window Seater guide harnesses the passion and knowledge of locals into an easy-to-use app, allowing Cambrian Line passengers to connect to the people who know the stories along the railways best – getting beneath the surface of the most famous sights and uncovering hidden gems of history, geography, culture and more.”

It is hoped the introduction of the Window Seater Audio Guide will encourage those visiting the area to engage more with local activities once they complete their train journey. It could also support local social and economic development whilst visitors to the area shift to greener travel.

Even if you can’t travel on the Cambrian Line you can still listen to the stories and perhaps reminisce your previous journeys. Download the Window Seater App:

App Store download button for the Window Seater App
Google Play download button for the Window Seater App



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