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Message from the Chair

The Cambrian Railway Partnership would like to thank Claire Williams for her time as Partnership Development Officer.  Claire left the Partnership on 2nd April 2024 after 6 years of delivering community-led projects associated with the Cambrian Lines. 
In Claire’s tenure as Partnership Development Officer the Partnership delivered on a number of local projects to promote sustainable travel by rail, rail safety and increasing the role of the Cambrian Lines in the life of the communities it serves.  Claire’s achievements include promoting the railway at various events across the country alongside key stakeholders and partners, leading on the repurposing of Newtown railway station building and the award-winning Cambrian Line Window Seater Audio Guide which was recognised at the recent Community Rail awards in Swansea. 
Claire also led the Partnership through the COVID-19 pandemic and ensured that the links between the community and railway were maintained during this period. The Partnership would like to thank Claire and wish her well in her future endeavours.    

Neil Scott, Chair of the Cambrian Railway Partnership



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